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Photo via BHG

I’m so grateful for this small kitchen. Every time I watch a home makeover show where they are house shopping, I know they will invariably head into the kitchen and hang their heads because it‘s so .... small. 😞 Womp womp womp.

The designer always agrees, so down all the walls come! I have nothing against a big kitchen, but I’m actually so happy we didn’t tear down our walls. ❤️

We fit in plenty of character, storage and counter space! I love that we have such a snug and cozy kitchen! 🌷

Kitchen Sources and Tour >> http://theinspiredroom.net/2017/03/06/galley-kitchen-remodel-sources/

I am so beyond honored to have an eight page feature in the spring edition of The Cottage Journal! 😍

They did such a lovely job with the article! If you see it be sure to pick up a copy—the whole issue is full of inspiration! 💕


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Happy Valentine’s Day, lovely friends! 💕 Sending you love from our house to yours. XO


NEW BLOG POST! Even though an appointment at a spa would be so relaxing and uplifting (can winter please be over yet?), I happen to believe our home is the most important place to experience an atmosphere that nurtures our mind, body and soul. ♥️ If we cannot relax at home, we need to bring more peace to our surroundings. ✨

Come see my favorite ways to create a spa-ambience at home! >> http://theinspiredroom.net/2018/02/13/spa-ambience-at-home/

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Photo: House Beautiful

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Photo: Traditional Home

It's not too late to give ADORABLE Valentines!!! :) I have a round up of so many cute FREE downloadable and printable Valentine's Day cards and notes, something for everyone you love!

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PS. I love these sweet downloads from Coco and Mingo​, see these and more in the post!

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I’m always drawn to a house with inviting curb appeal. A beautiful setting, gorgeous landscaping or a favorite style of home will all speak to me, of course. But it’s not only fancy houses that make my heart skip a beat! Today on the blog I’m sharing a few tips and tricks that I believe can take any home from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Awww, my husband brought me flowers. 💕 He knows I love pink tulips, they’re my favorite sign of spring. 🌷We even observed yesterday that it was still light outside at 4:30pm, yay!☀️ All the heart eyes for spring, sun, love and tulips! 🙌🏻 What’s your favorite sign of spring?

Cabinet Source: http://rstyle.me/n/crtsh9vp7w

Simple Decorating: Small Bedroom Transformation

A few simple updates and a dose of personality totally transformed this small bedroom!

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While there seems to be a lot of brass or gold hardware being used lately, black hardware remains a steady classic. Matte black finishes in general are really popular, and fortunately metal hardware and finishes are never really in or out. As part of our 'best of the best' kitchen series I have a great round up of inspiration for black hardware and some hardware sources! >>


( This is a gorgeous example from Workbook from Westbrook! )

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Love this one by A Fabulous Fete!

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I love putting my plants in interesting containers! This is one of my absolute favorites.... and it’s on sale, too > http://bit.ly/2EDN5hn

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I always let people choose their own mug when I’m serving coffee. It’s a silly little ritual, perhaps, but you know what? It brings joy! ☕️

Without fail, no matter how many times I’ve asked someone to choose a mug over the years, they still stop what they’re doing, smile real big and skip over to the mug rack. 💃🏻 Designing a home and sharing it with others is so much more fun and meaningful when it’s about creating a life we love to live. 🌿

Kitchen details and sources >> http://theinspiredroom.net/2017/02/27/small-kitchen-remodel-reveal-before-after/

How to Add Cozy to Your Room

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I’m hoping that an open Dutch door will bring an early spring.🤷🏻‍♀️ 🌷🌼💐 Meanwhile I was freezing while cleaning the kitchen. 😂 Although soon after I took this the sun actually came out! I might be on to something! ☀️

So .... I’ve been a little MIA here and on the blog. 🐣Do you ever feel like scrolling through inspiration all the time can zap your own creativity or even almost paralyze you? Or is that just me? 🤔 When I feel like that I just have to shut it all out so I can just zero in on my own home for a bit. Otherwise my mind is like 💥 or 🙉 or 🙇🏻‍♀️ or 💀. It’s refreshing to take a break to recharge creativity. Now I’m working on a new blog post! 👍🏻

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(Plus find a huge discount code for window coverings in the post!)

What do you think about covered range hoods? Yay or nay?

Come get inspired with more beautiful kitchen with covered ranges on the blog! >> http://theinspiredroom.net/2016/06/23/covered-range-hood-ideas/

Photo: Dearborn Builders

Lovely Bathroom Storage Solutions >>


Photo and Design: Jenna Sue Design

You know what design element I really love in a room? SCONCES! That’s what. I think sconces make rooms feel extra cozy and charming. Sconces really spread light around the room, making the whole space feel warmer and more inviting.

Inspiration for Adding Character with Wall Sconces >>

My Favorite Lighting Sources >> theinspiredroom.net/lighting-shop/

This is the BEFORE photo of our living room corner, before we added layers of textures to create a cozier spot! Come check out the after >>


PS. Don't miss the special DISCOUNT CODE and link in the blog post for my readers to receive an additional discount on window coverings!

Inspired By: Lovely Lighting (with lighting sources!) >>


Photo: House Beautiful

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Okay, who has used Thieves Cleaner? 🙌 (and who wants it for free?! See below). I seriously clean everything with this. It's a concentrate, so one tiny capful makes a whole spray bottle, which comes out to less than $1 per bottle of cleaner. The entire bottle of concentrate makes TWENTY NINE spray bottles of non-toxic cleaner. HELLO, what a bargain.

It's 100% plant-based, smells like a literal dream, actually works (on EVERYTHING...glass, stainless steel, counters, floors, carpet, all things).

You can read more about it (and other simple changes for a cleaner home) here >> http://theinspiredroom.net/2017/04/04/simple-changes-for-a-cleaner-home/

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NEW POST! A master bedroom should be a retreat, a space that draws you in to rest and relax at the end of the day. Our little room didn’t feel like a sanctuary at all when we first moved in, but it sure does now!

Today on the blog I’m sharing a few tips for how we took a basic room and transformed it into a cozy, calm and relaxing sanctuary. Come on over (sources in post)! >>

Jack's favorite doormat 😂

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Image via: Lauren Rubin Architecture on Houzz

When it’s gray and chilly outside, there’s no cozier place than inside. I miss the sunshine as much as anyone but I really don’t mind the weather as long as I can stay home. 😊

Sterling’s Best Places just identified the top Hygge cities in the U.S. Of course, Seattle is number one. And I’ve actually lived in all of the top three cities so I guess it’s no wonder I turned out the way I did 😂:

1. Seattle
2. Portland
3. Minneapolis

I have a new post up on the blog...How to Have a Happier Winter Home: Hygge-Style > http://theinspiredroom.net/2018/01/19/happy-winter-home/

Footstool, lamp and throw are from Birch Lane

Shop my house: theinspiredroom.net/shop-my-house

Bamboo shades (discount code for you!): http://theinspiredroom.net/2016/09/13/woven-wood-window-shades-before-after-room/

Small houses can be charming, but there are definitely challenges to working with a tight space. Here are five common small house woes, and a few solutions for each! >>


Photo: Cottage Living

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You won't believe how adorable this basic Duktig IKEA play kitchen turned out after a little IKEA hack renovation!
See the amazing AFTER here >> http://theinspiredroom.net/2015/11/04/play-kitchen-renovation/

This was our side porch BEFORE when we first moved into our Seattle home...I can't even believe how different it looks now with our new Dutch door! Come see the AFTER >>